Stewardship & Auditing

When hiring outside help for you safety program you may run into a situation where your attendance is required for stewardship meetings of many kinds with your clients. There is always going to be a transition period where you may not be comfortable speaking to “all of this safety stuff” yet. Don’t worry, we can be with you every step of the way providing documentation, data and expertise.

Have you been visited by the Ministry of Labour?

Maybe your organization been selected for a Health & Safety Performance Review by the WSIB Workwell Program. If that is the case, it time to find out where the gaps are in your Safety Program.

Over 75% of organizations do not pass their initial Health & Safety Review? (yes that was a scare tactic, but it’s true)

Don’t be a statistic. Be prepared and proactive. Having a comprehensive Health & Safety Program will not only help you pass an Audit, but will reduce your employees risk of injury and ultimately reduce your WSIB Premium Rates.

Alcomy Inc. Safety provides these services and many more:

Pre-audit gap analyses to identify where your Health $ Safety Program requires improvement
Assistance with action plans, organization and program development
Prepares and trains management, JH&S committees and employees

OH&S, MOL, MOT, COR, etc, etc. No matter the audit type we can walk you through and help to make sure you are prepared and confident going into your next audit.