Noise Measuring

We provide highly accurate and professional noise and environmental assessments and measurement services for industrial and manufacturing companies. As well as measuring industrial noise, we also offer noise survey reports and sound monitoring services to assist with planning applications for commercial companies, planning consultants, architects, etc.

One of our most popular noise measurement services is a noise at work risk assessment / noise exposure survey in a factory or workplace. Another very popular service is providing machine diagnostic noise measurements and surveys to assess which solutions are best for reducing workers’ noise exposures in factories / industry. We also carry out noise surveys to help industrial companies resolve noise nuisance complaints from nearby residents. This includes diagnostic noise surveys to determine which machinery or equipment is causing the noise nuisance. It also includes measuring background noise levels and predicting noise at the nearest houses when a company is planning to install new equipment.

Noise at Work Risk Assessment
We can provide accurate, thorough and reliable measurements and assessments of workers’ noise exposures. Customers often compliment us on the high quality of our noise at work risk assessments and compare them favourably with other noise surveys they have had previously, some of which do not measure / assess the noise exposure of workers properly, and therefore fail to comply with the HSE Control of Noise at Work Regulations. The Safety Officer at one such industrial company said:

We always use a type 1 sound level meter to measure noise. This is the most accurate type of meter available for measuring noise levels in the workplace. Each of our noise assessments is carried out by a “competent person”.