Mentoring and Program Facilitation Training

Let’s face it, you may be in a position that you need to get a COR certificate. In that case or in another case you will need a designated safety position if not more than one. Yes, in Ontario and Alberta courses are available through IHSA and the ACSA. They are good courses that provide all the information needed. The problem is that implementing those teaching and putting them into practice can be a little harder than you thought. It reminds me of a simile in safety, you can go take a forklift course and get a certificate but that doesn’t make you a competent forklift operator. Same same.

Sometimes people need mentoring, direction and additional support and that is perfectly natural. We can be that support on either temporary or long term basis, because depending on the scope of your work it can be quite a bit of work to maintain. Basically whatever you need to be successful we can accommodate that need.