There are a lot of safety companies out there that want to sell you some very impressive systems, and good for them. But just like with any relatively new field that explodes in every direction it is time to pull the reigns and get back to what is important and that is protecting the health and safety of yourself, those around you. Buzz words and catch frazes will not keep people safe, they will not keep people involved and they will not keep you profitable in an ever disappearing landscape of margins.

We will give you what you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Examples of industries we have provided service for:
Large Scale Breweries
Heavy Duty Wash Bays
Geotechnical Drilling
Core Drilling
Janitorial Services
Waste Management
Hydro Carbon Cleaning
Textile Manufacturing
Waste Water Treatment
Heavy Equipment
Steele Frame Construction
Commercial Rennovations
Private Rennovations
Vac Truck Services
Heavy Duty Mechanic Shop
Light Duty Mechanic Shop
Machines Shop
Logistics, Trucking
Facilities Management
Compressed Gasses Bulk
Transportation of Infectious Deseases
Metal Recycling
Tank Farm Demolition
Wilderness Guides
Camp Services