COR™ Consultation

Gap analysis
Safety audits
Compliance audits

Alcomy Safety staff have performed health and safety procedures and audits in multiple regulatory jurisdictions around the country.

We can prepare and work hand in hand on the ground with you to assist you in attaining your COR™ (Certificate of Recognition). Depending on your timeline and the current state of your program you may have a bit of work ahead of you. And getting all that work done and in a turn key state is where we come in.


You are not alone. Alcomy Inc. Safety has a network of Safety Professionals that are experienced and will guide you through the development and maintenance of your safety program. Our consulting programs are flexible and offer various types of support to fit a wide range of budgets. We will help you achieve your safety objectives regardless of if you are in the early stages of developing a safety program or if you are at the implementation stage. We can also review your current safety program and ensure you and your employees are as protected as you need to be.

If you need someone for one hour, one day, one week, or on a continual basis we can help.
COR™ and SECOR Safety Program development/maintenance

Alcomy Inc. Safety was created to help companies achieve get the COR™ system in place and in many cases we maintain the safety program with them. We have helped companies attain their COR™ certificate, in such industries as Construction, Oil & Gas, Transportation, and a variety of different trades, from Alberta to Ontario. One of Alcomy Inc. Safety’s strengths is the wealth of knowledge we have in creating COR™ and SECOR programs, along with the necessary tools and content required to develop, implement and maintain the program. Your company can save money in the development stage by utilizing our document library including all the policies, and procedures to begin creating your safety program today.

No, we cannot get it for you, we cannot provide COR™ training, COR™ is only administered by IHSA but we can help prepare you, we can definitely do that. Be wary of anyone who tells you they can provide accredited COR™ training, COR™ audits or COR™ Certification.