Bid Package Participation

This can be a little tricky, this service can be just a simple outsourcing or it can be educational. Or maybe you are bidding for the first time in Ontario or in Alberta. You see, for example what happens is perhaps you got a shiny new safety program. It came with a brand new complete and easy to use manual, all kinds of new training, new safe work practices, procedures, training matrixes and beefed up company orientations. It is awesome, it is the best safety program ever (I mean you did buy it from us) but uh oh. You are getting RFQs coming in with huge safety components and you have no idea how to use this new information or where to find it or maybe how to apply it. Well, don’t worry. We have accumulatively put together 100’s of safety and quality components of bid packages and we won’t leave you high and dry.

If you didn’t buy from us (tisk tisk) don’t worry, we can still help you too.