Construction Safety Officer

Helping you Keep It Simple



Jobsite Inspections

Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective



Custom Program Development

Because every company is different



Leadership Training

Those who can’t do…



Occupational Health & Workplace Violence Risk Assessments

Yes, you do have to and you should


Mentoring & Program Training

We will show you how


COR Consultation

We make COR simple for you


WCB, WSIB Case Management

It is amazing how much better you could be doing


Management Systems

How efficiently and effectively are yours being managed?


Documentation & Administration

It’s better to stay on top of your paper then crawling out from under it



Noise Measuring



Turnaround Safety

Special projects need special attention


Confined Space Monitors, Man Watch, Fire Watch

Let your people do the work they were hired for


Bid Package Participation

Helping you make money


Gap Analysis & Risk Assessment

Before you can fix it, you need to know what is broken


Stewardship & Auditing

Standing with you and for you


ISO 18001, 9001,14001

Quality, quality, quality, it’s really not that hard